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Born in 1970, studied at the Graphic Arts in Vienna. At the age of 14 he decided to follow in his fathers footsteps to become a professional photographer as well.

Since 1997 specialized in nude and erotic photography. His strength lies in the communication with the model, thus he encourages them to achieve maximum performance with maximum efficiency and getting the optimum results.

Hauptplatz 3, 2620 Neunkirchen


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Premium Composite

The trend in modern photography is quite clearly moving towards high value products. The compound product ‘premium composite’ fuses a high value artistic motif with a high grade production process to create a highly valuable finished work of art. The stars of the international photography scene today mostly reproduce their photos on premium composite. Premium composite is a so-called “Sandwich product”, made from a combination of high grade materials. A photo exposure fixed to Alu-Dibond is laminated behind a sheet of high grade acrylic glass with artificial resin. The result is a high gloss surface, which is stabilised by the Alu-Dibond sheet. The photo medium is a classical exposure on supreme photo paper.


Premium composite production process

Premium composite is produced with a demanding process using high grade components. Firstly the image file is exposed on large format supreme paper. This exposure is then laminated with artificial resin to an Alu-Dibond sheet. After the laminate is left to dry, acrylic glass is then laminated to the compound material to create a typical premium composite sandwich structure. This adhesive fix also has to be left to completely dry. Finally, a girder section is mounted to the back side of the Alu-Dibond sheet with silicon. The result is a highly valuable photo product, that can be mounted free-hanging.


Technical details

•Surface: Acrylic glass 3 mm

•Medium: Exposure on photo paper

•Total material thickness : approx. 7 mm

•Weight: approx. 7,4 kg/m2 •Maximum production format: 3000 x 1800 mm

•Fire protection class DIN 4102-2: B2

•Materials in compound: Alu-Dibond, Acrylic glass, exposed photo paper